Solving Energy Problems Using Data!

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Our product CURIE contains a mesh of sensors attached at different places communicating OTA connected via Internet. There is a central server which we term it as 3CTS (Centrally Controlled Curie Transit System) where all the data from the sensors is stored OTA and can be accessed easily and analyzed.


Real Time Monitoring

Trends allow you to plot data from any sensor for any selected time.Decide when the meter should not trip,even with low balance. System automatically sends an SMS for low balance. Visualise data for any parameter from across multiple customers.

Help You Trade on IEX

Get frequency and energy consumption at 15-minute interval with a single click. Use it to decide on the price and amount you want to bid for the next day on IEX.

Dashboards to Quantify Savings

On mission for 10% savings with no upfront Capital Expenditure

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